Well Hello Beautiful! Thank you for shopping with me! I am truly happy to be apart of your closet. I am a military wife, mother, and current student who likes to wear different look from hair to toe, haha!. Born and raised in Memphis, TN and currently traveling with my family due to the military, I started this business to build a legacy for my family. This idea originated due to me growing up in a home where we had to hustle some days and that meant yard sales every Saturday. I have always been into fashion, my husband and family will tell you the same! Rielistic Styles is meant to bring out the confident you, I struggled with finding myself and I was able to find a way to express myself through not only fashion but through affirmation, life can be thankless and I want to remind you are valuable so dress like it, believe it, and be you! Business is done both online and in person providing different fashions every week, I travel throughout the Bay Area in California to events and attend pop ups at Salon Vitor located in Brentwood, CA every other Thursday and Delta Valley Health Club every last Wednesday of the month before COVID-19 and after. If you want me to host a party at your home, please email me! Let me know if there is anything you need, don’t hesitate reaching out to me, I like building relationships with my customers. Thank you for your support!


"Be The Beautiful You"


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